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Field Service Management Software and Solutions

TOA Technologies’ time-based, rapidly deployable SaaS solution, ETAdirect, leads the industry in scalability, reliability and flexibility.

The powerful ETAdirect:


Instead of using averages or guessing, ETAdirect continuously learns how long it takes individual field employees to complete specific tasks. It keeps learning, every minute of the day.


Combining learned patterns with predictive analytics, ETAdirect predicts travel times and job durations—with increasing accuracy.


Automatically assigning the right employee to each job, ETAdirect creates an optimized schedule and maps the most sensible routes.


Connecting teams in real time using a groundbreaking approach, ETAdirect helps field employees provide high quality services and complete jobs quickly the first time.


From order to completed job, ETAdirect provides customers with valuable information and makes them part of the process.

Field Service Done Right
Field Service Done RightRight place right time

The New Connected
Mobile Workforce

With near-instant optimization, easy data
sharing, and highly secure mobile
communications, your operations can run
at efficiency levels that seemed impossible.

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