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Insights and musings about customer service and managing a SaaS software company


About Yuval Brisker

Yuval Brisker is a Co-Founder and the CEO of  TOA Technologies . He is a passionate technologist, a customer service advocate and the thought leader behind TOA’s unique focus on the Customer Experience through Customer Appointment Management.

Along with his partner and Co-Founder, Irad Carmi, Yuval envisioned a technology company that would solve the infamous problem of customers “waiting for the cable guy”. Their company, TOA Technologies, along with the innovative software service they developed, is now redefining Mobile Workforce Management and leading the industry.

Before founding TOA, Yuval had extensive experience establishing, growing and managing various technology related ventures, at MaxBill Inc., an international Telecom Billing software vendor based in Israel and Visual Information based in New York.

Before founding Visual Information, Yuval practiced architecture in New York City.  He is completing an MA in Film Studies from New York University, and has a Bachelor of Architecture from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design from Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem, Israel.