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HTML 5 Continues to Impress & TOA leads the way!

August 14, 2011 by Yuval Brisker

With the addition this week of the new Kindle HTML5 application, which allows amazon kindle users to access their full library of books from every HTML5-enabled browser (online AND offline) – it’s clear that the HTML5 revolution is in full swing. And those in the know are both impressed and supportive.

Being a natively cloud-based SaaS company – TOA is totally there:

On the back of our most fundamental founding principle – NO INSTALLED APP – we have  embraced HTML5 in its totality in order to provide deep enhanced mobility to our field service management software customers worldwide. ETAdirect HTML5 Mobility  (Called H5M) is a nothing short of spectacular – with the beautiful look, feel and a robust depth of functionality of a downloaded installed app but totally in the browser. TOA’s engineers have pushed the envelope on what HTML5 can do and provide our customers to the absolute limits…and beyond…Some things we can talk about  (and some we absolutely can’t – being that they are huge innovations and everyone would LOVE to know what they are…). But we can revel in things like signature and document capture, document storage and manipulation which are just a few of the cool capabilities that this next generation markup language affords us and we can extend to our customers.

In TOA Tech’s ETAdirect H5Mobility we are definitely charting new territory, even for HTML5, with a groundbreaking offline persistence capability that will not only allow users to access all the relevant time sensitive information when the user is offline in an area where there is no coverage, but  TOA’s engineers have taken it one huge step beyond just ‘plain’ offline –  they have made the application data available to the user even if the browser and the device crashes!!! The user can reboot, log into ETAdirect and have all his information restored in the ETAdirect browser app to where he was pre-crash – all without having any access to the Internet. Now that is one of the huge feats that makes the ETAdirect H5Mobility app the most powerful and versatile app on the market today.

The Dilemma!

June 17, 2010 by Yuval Brisker

So what is the dilemma you’re asking?

Well I think it’s actually a dilemma that a lot of people have right now…a seminal zeitgeist dilemma!…

I lost my kindle – my favorite ebook reader (see previous post) – And now what do I do?

Do I buy another kindle? Or do I splurge and get myself an iPad?
I mean it’s not like I have a deficit of devices… and I am kind of a contrarian…this post is being written on the android nexus one after all, not on an iPhone.

But there’s something very tempting about that  beautiful thing…that iPad…clearly that’s where Steve Jobs has it totally right: it’s all about desire not about need (wasn’t that the question everyone asked at the launch – ‘who needs this thing?’  – ‘what’s it good for?’).

Desire for beauty, desire for the new, desire for more, desire for change, desire for image…because in reality I don’t think I really need an ipad… I’ve got a great macbook pro;  I’ve got the nexus one;  I have a blackberry; I have a mac mini at home and I had a kindle… till Thursday…

How many devices does one man need?

All I need to do is replace my kindle…right?  And it’s a third of the price of the iPad…so in the battle between reasons and desire who will win?
So you tell me.. the heart or the mind? Form or function? Beauty or the beast? A kindle or an iPad?

You choose!