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The Nexus of Forces

August 27, 2012 by Yuval Brisker

I came across this from Gartner which I thought was particularly relevant to many things that I have been thinking (and talking) about recently:

A Nexus of converging forces — social, mobile, cloud and information — is building upon and transforming user behavior while creating new business opportunities…Although these forces are innovative and disruptive on their own, together they are revolutionizing business and society, disrupting old business models and creating new leaders. As such, the Nexus of Forces is the basis of the technology platform of the future.

“In the Nexus of Forces, information is the context for delivering enhanced social and mobile experiences,” said Chris Howard, managing vice president at Gartner. “Mobile devices are a platform for effective social networking and new ways of work. Social links people to their work and each other in new and unexpected ways. Cloud enables delivery of information and functionality to users and systems. These forces of the Nexus are intertwined to create a user-driven ecosystem of modern computing.”

This is a convergence that is affecting all aspects of our daily life – and work life is not excluded from that. I couldn’t help but reflect on the fact that TOA Technologies – as a provider of cloud-based mobile technology that delivers information via integrated collaborative, social and context-aware applications to business users worldwide – is at the intersection of the Nexus of Forces.  When you add another element – predictive analytics (which, for us, is a facet of Big Data…) – I’m confident we are in the middle of a seismic shift in the technology landscape that will dominate the world of computing for the foreseeable future.

The Social Revolution is Here!

May 23, 2012 by Yuval Brisker

Social (Networking) is about connecting people to each other in a myriad of ways, mostly as a form of socializing and keeping in touch and clearly, it’s been done with phenomenal success.

“Social” in the workplace is a whole other animal and goes well beyond just “connecting people” – which is still ‘the definition’ and is important but for many other reasons.  In fact, as many companies who have tried to create social for the enterprise know… doing this right is hard! And when I say ‘right’ I mean right on the scale of Facebook. If you think about that scale…82% of all Facebook users are adults in the prime of their life and in the workplace.  This, according to the latest Facebook membership numbers,  should translate to an audience of over 700 million potential users  - who could theoretically be using Facebook for work purposes…but probably aren’t. Why? Because at work it’s really not about the ‘usual’ Facebook things…photos, restaurant reviews, sharing thoughts. book and movie recommendations, travel and status updates…at work…it’s about connecting the dots not just the people. And frankly – no one has figured that out till now and clearly the potential is huge.

Well today, TOA is taking the first step towards creating a social tool for the collaborating global mobile workplace . The first real step in social, context-aware, location-based collaboration for field service management software!!! And that is huge step.

What does that mean…???

A lot of things. A lot of great things.

Stay tuned.