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SAP Continues to Transform

May 24, 2012 by Yuval Brisker

The Cloud is continuing to envelope one of the big software companies in the world and it’s very clear what the strategy is: BUY!!!

…And buy a lot…knowingly paying premium prices for these companies because they KNOW that the price is worth it long term!

By taking over as many enterprise-focused Cloud companies that will assure that at the least, they have many offerings in the New World that will survive the ultimate reshaping of the enterprise software space as older solution get to end of life. At this point – it seems that this strategy to own as many entreprise SaaS/Cloud software providers as possible is more important whether ultimately all those solutions will work together effectively.

I think this is the right strategy for SAP – as it will assure their sales people have something significant to sell 10 years from now – ┬ábecause most likely the old legacy products will not moving off the shelf any longer by then.

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