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Optimization begins with attention to the individual.

Every minute your customers spend waiting is 60 seconds they aren’t happy with you. Waiting frustrates them with anticipation. Waiting makes them prisoners in their own homes and keeps them from their regular schedules. And waiting has a significant impact on business today.

According to a recent survey:

  • 55 percent of consumers blame the company when an appointment or delivery is late
  • 47 percent of consumers feel angry when a service window is missed by 1 hour
  • 45 percent of consumers have posted a complaint online when a service window is missed by 2 hours

Getting your mobile workers to their appointments on time is your best field service software is the opportunity to build satisfying relationships with your customers. With TOA’s online appointment scheduling software, you can give your customers a one-hour service window with 96 percent accuracy.

Your next best shot at building a relationship is letting them know in advance when you are going to be there. TOA allows you to schedule and communicate up-to-the-minute arrival times and appointment status information to customers, letting them conform, cancel or reschedule.

Companies using TOA’s customer appointment scheduler software have seen a 98 percent customer satisfaction rate.

Contact TOA to learn more about how you can manage your mobile workforce and improve your long-term relationships with your customers.