Collaboration breeds satisfaction.

Better. Faster. Cheaper.

Managing a mobile workforce is complicated because of all the moving parts. Every mobile worker is different. Every customer is different. Every task is different. Are customers forced to bear the brunt of this complexity in mobile workforce management? Or does the holy grail of efficiency AND customer service/satisfaction exist? At TOA Technologies, we make operational efficiencies in mobile workforce management software and customer service work in harmony, to both reduce operating costs and enhance the customer experience. This is because our basic premise is that these two issues are equally and completely intertwined. You cannot have one without the other.

Our mobile work scheduling software takes all of these factors into account and schedules the most efficient routes, gives real time views and communicates directly with customers to keep them in the loop. As a result, with TOA you can:

  • Increase daily job completion rates by 40+%
  • Improve on-time performance by 30%
  • Reduce dispatch staff by 45%
  • Decrease miles driven by 40%
  • Cut overtime by 75%
  • Reduce inbound “Where’s My Tech” calls by 50%
  • Reduce wasted truck rolls by 20%
  • … all while improving customer satisfaction by over 90%