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Good technology serves its users; great technology learns its users.

Apply best practices to maximize productivity in just four weeks.

How do you assign jobs, route trips and track the progress of your field service workers? With automated scheduling software, or on a spreadsheet? A whiteboard? A map with pushpins and sticky notes?

And how do you stay in touch with workers? By frantic phone calls?

With ETAdirect Professional, you now have a better way – even if you currently use an automated system. This powerful, affordable solution increases productivity, slashes paperwork and begins paying for itself in as little as four weeks.

Intelligent Routing for Higher Productivity

ETAdirect Professional offers not merely the simplicity and ease of SaaS software, but also the adaptive intelligence of patented algorithms that learn from experience. With it, you can:

  • Assign workers to jobs based on criteria that you choose – including an individual worker’s training, skills and past performance, as recorded and learned by the system
  • Route trips automatically and efficiently by defined criteria drawn from industry best practices, including least-cost
  • Monitor and manage workers in real-time, just as an air traffic controller tracks inbound and outbound flights
  • Respond to changing conditions with drag-and-drop ease
  • Analyze and report data continuously, including travel time per resource, completion progress and more

And, thanks to the most advanced HTML5 technology, ETAdirect Professional synchs operations and field service workers on any Internet-enabled device and any operating system.

Elegant Scalability for Your Growing Business

Most important, ETAdirect Professional easily accommodates changes in the size and complexity of your business. Expanding your workforce? Adding different skill levels? Diversifying the services you offer? Our solution easily grows and diversifies with you – without adding complexity to your system’s architecture.

Efficiency That Brings Real Returns

As a growing business, you face the same risks as your larger competitors. But for you, the stakes are higher:

Every unnecessary mile has a bigger impact on your operating costs. Our solutions drive down miles-per-appointment by up to 40 percent.

Every overtime hour takes a deeper cut in your margins. Our solutions reduce overtime by up to 75 percent.

Every dissatisfied customer casts a longer shadow on your bottom line. Appointments managed by our software consistently deliver a customer satisfaction rate of 98 percent.

Because the performance of your mobile workforce matters, day in and day out, you need the speed, efficiency and scalability that ETAdirect Professional delivers.

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