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The larger and more complex your enterprise, the more you need
a holistic solution for field service management.

For organizations with hundreds or thousands of field service personnel, effective management seems impossibly complex. You need to assign workers to jobs based on the employee’s skill set, availability, proximity and more. You need to get them to worksites by the fastest, most cost-effective route – with the equipment they need to do the job right the first time. And you need to account for constantly changing weather, traffic and other conditions.

Meanwhile, the clock keeps ticking, and your customers keep waiting.

The Comprehensive Solution

With ETAdirect Enterprise, you can impose order and efficiency on these operations, while dramatically increasing workforce productivity and enhancing your customers’ experience. Only ETAdirect Enterprise offers:

  • Optimizations tailored to your organization. Get the right worker to the right job at the right time, based specifically on the criteria you choose, prioritize and fine-tune.
    Result: Customer satisfaction rates rise to 98 percent.
  • Multi-channel customer empowerment. From the very moment that we install it, ETAdirect Enterprise can remind your customers of their appointments by phone, text, e-mail or social media. And they can confirm, track, cancel or reschedule appointments throughout the process.
    Result: Unnecessary truck rolls drop by 20 percent.
  • Guaranteed reliability. Running on our ultra-secure private cloud, ETAdirect Enterprise consistently posts 12-month uptimes exceeding 99.99 percent – performance no other system can match.
    Result: Downtime approaches 0.

Only ETAdirect Enterprise offers such sophistication – along with customization to suit the most complex environments and SAP-certified integration.