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SmartCollaboration brings the benefits of social networking
to field service personnel, their supervisors and their customers.

If you wanted to find a new car, a new job or a new place to live, you probably wouldn’t spread the news to your friends and neighbors one by one. Instead, you’d leverage the power of social media to engage contacts on Facebook, LinkedIn and other online communities.

Why shouldn’t you leverage the same power to solve problems faster at work?

With SmartCollaboration, you can. This ETAdirect module connects human resources and other assets in one interactive, real-time network. Enabled by context-aware HTML5 coding, this powerful technology automatically gives the right people access to relevant information in real-time, every time. Field service employees and their supervisors:

  • Connect. SmartCollaboration keeps everyone in a working group apprised of who’s on the job and who’s not, who’s online and who’s not. And it shows who has access to equipment and other resources, and who doesn’t.
  • Communicate. Anyone in the group can initiate a text chat with any other member – or members. SmartCollaboration supports multi-party chats, not just one-to-one instant messaging, letting users apply the intelligence of the whole group to solve problems fast.
  • Collaborate. Group members have access to information on appointments, inventory and knowledge resources, as well as audio and video. Does someone need a particular piece of equipment to complete a job? SmartCollaboration lets any member locate it and then drag and drop it into the receiver’s chat box, leaving a permanent, paperless, fully searchable audit trail. Does someone need a tech manual, blueprint or wiring schematic? Drag and drop it, and it remains accessible even when the recipient goes offline. Supervisors can reassign jobs and adjust workflow with similar ease.

Working with SmartLocation and other ETAdirect modules, SmartCollaboration lets you apply the power of social networking to complete more jobs, complete them faster and complete them right the first time for your customers.

Download a SmartCollaboration fact sheet