Productivity can increase with punctuality.

By Web, phone, text, email or social media, SmartCommunication
puts customers at the center of every field service appointment.

The only face-to-face interaction your company might ever have with your customers occurs when a field service employee knocks on their doors. Customers judge your organization by that experience – and tell others about it. That makes good communication critical to building positive, lasting relationships.

As part of the ETAdirect suite, SmartCommunication transforms customers’ experience before, during and after appointments. Working in concert with ETAdirect’s predictive technology, it lets customers know what’s going to happen, when it’s going to happen and how long it will take to happen. Such clear, credible communication helps cultivate customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth – not to mention dramatically reducing no-shows and “Where’s my service?” inquiries to call centers.

  • Informing customers. SmartCommunication reminds customers of scheduled appointments by their choice of channel (phone, email, SMS text or social media) and by your choice of frequency and timing. ETAdirect provides such precise, reliable service windows that some users notify their customers an hour before the scheduled arrival. And, customers can visit your website Web to track the mobile employee headed toward their home and check his or her progress.
  • Empowering customers. Upon notification, your customers can confirm, cancel or reschedule an appointment – also by their choice of channel.
  • Ensuring satisfaction. TOA’s post-appointment survey gathers valuable customer feedback almost immediately – and helps your customer care reps respond to a problem before it becomes a social media nightmare.

SmartCommunication always keeps your customers in the loop, so they always keep you among their favorites.

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