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Insight comes from recognizing patterns invisible to others.

SmartManage delivers real-time visibility, control
and hard data to optimize field service operations.

In managing field services, minutes count and money matters. ETAdirect’s SmartManage module delivers a significant competitive advantage by showing exactly how your business is running in real-time and enabling you to respond to changing conditions.

Part of ETAdirect’s mobility suite that includes SmartRouting and SmartMobility, SmartManage gives dispatchers a complete view of field operations as they happen – in one application, on one screen. And it gives you the ability to adapt on the fly, re-assigning jobs as needed to meet commitments.

  • Choose your view. See workflow progress minute-by-minute as a Gantt chart, map or grid. At the mere click of a mouse, SmartManage shows the entire workday – past, present and future – for the workforce as a whole, for teams or for individuals.
  • Spot problems brewing. Thanks to ETAdirect’s patented, predictive statistical engine, SmartManage identifies jobs in danger of missing their scheduled service window. And it highlights them for you in high-visibility color-coding.
  • Fine-tune operations. Respond to incipient problems simply by dragging and dropping an endangered appointment into an available slot in another employee’s queue. Keeping commitments to customers and fulfilling contractual commitments for service level agreements become just that easy.
  • Get insights with actionable analytics. SmartManage continuously delivers data on the performance of individuals, teams or the whole workforce. View 15 key metrics, such as jobs completed per hour and on-time performance, in your choice of five formats. You can also generate reports on demand or at specified intervals. SmartManage provides the information and control necessary for optimizing business processes.

Download a SmartManage fact sheet.