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No other mobility app lifts field service productivity
higher or proves easier to deploy, maintain and use.

The most advanced mobility app on the market, ETAdirect’s SmartMobility gives field service personnel access to everything they need to work more efficiently and effectively. It delivers not only the daily schedule of job assignments, but also equipment inventory, tech manuals and other job-related information. And SmartMobility completely syncs users in the field with managers back in the depot or office, enabling real-time reporting of job progress and other activities.

  • Access from any device. Thanks to the power of HTML5 (the state-of-the-art Internet markup language), SmartMobility maintains full functionality on any device, on any operating system, on any carrier. Users simply log on through any Web-enabled laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Data persistence offline. No connectivity? No problem. With SmartMobility, critical job-related information remains cached in the browser and accessible to field service employees even in places cut off from Wi-Fi networks or cellular signals. So, work continues anywhere without interruption.
  • Functionality to enhance productivity. Scan barcodes to track inventory. Capture signatures on touch-screen devices to complete sales and reduce paperwork. Snap photos with camera-equipped mobile devices to document work and provide proof of compliance. Access turn-by-turn directions determined by TOA’s unique time-based routing. SmartMobility’s integrated features help streamline business processes, manage inventory and speed job completion.

By fully exploiting the power of HTML5, TOA’s designers made SmartMobility the easiest to deploy, easiest to maintain and easiest to use mobile platform available for field services.

Download a SmartMobility fact sheet.