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Making street-level routing obsolete, ETAdirect SmartRouting
reduces costs and creates schedules you can count on.

No other automated-routing system delivers the efficiencies of ETAdirect’s SmartRouting, because no other system applies such sophisticated analytics to time-based tasks. This revolutionary route optimization software narrows service windows, reduces driving distances and produces schedules with unmatched reliability – letting you keep costs down while consistently keeping the commitments made to your customers.

  • Assign jobs intelligently. ETAdirect’s SmartRouting assigns jobs based on the employee’s training, skill set, proximity and more – whatever business rules you specify. You always get the right resource to the right job at the right time.
  • Schedule assignments reliably. Rather than relying on street-level routing, as all other automated routing software does, ETAdirect takes a time-based approach. This unique methodology accounts for historical travel times and job durations, particularized for individual employees. Comparative studies prove that it predicts the most accurate arrival times and produces the most reliable schedules.
  • Maximize efficiency enterprise-wide. To develop the optimal schedule for your entire enterprise, SmartRouting’s patented genetic algorithm considers millions upon millions of possible combinations of employees, jobs and routes in mere minutes. Like a perfectly adapted species chosen by natural selection, the perfectly optimized schedule “evolves” after repeated generations of statistical analysis.

Thanks to the power of TOA’s cloud and the elegance of its algorithm, SmartRouting can route 10,000 appointments in just 4 minutes. Supporting batch or dynamic routing, it can run once a day, several times a day or on demand – it’s your choice.

The result? ETAdirect’s SmartRouting reduces overtime by up to 75 percent, decreases total driving distances by 40 percent, and lifts on-time performance to 96 percent.

Download a SmartRouting fact sheet.