NOTICE: This site will be retired on 3/31/15 as part of Oracle's acquisition of TOA Technologies. TOA's products are now the Oracle Field Service Cloud, learn more.
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By applying sophisticated analytics to time-based tasks, SmartRouting narrows service windows, reduces drive time and produces accurate schedules with unmatched speed and reliability. TOA has the fastest routing in the industry.

Assign Jobs Intelligently

Assign jobs based on employee skill set, proximity, past performance or priorities. Always get the right person to the right place at the right time.

Reliable Scheduling

TOA’s unique approach considers each employee’s individual work patterns, including job durations and travel time. This enables optimized schedules— no wasted time. Employees arrive on time and get more done every day.

Flexible Results

Sometimes there are different rules for contractors and in-house employees, and the schedule must take that into account. The same is true for factors like geographic work zones. No matter how complex the scenario, SmartRouting forges optimized schedules.

Fast Scheduling

Eliminate overnight waits for schedules and waiting interminably when schedules change. The power of TOA’s private cloud and the elegance of its algorithm enable SmartRouting to assign 10,000 tasks in less than four minutes.