NOTICE: This site will be retired on 3/31/15 as part of Oracle's acquisition of TOA Technologies. TOA's products are now the Oracle Field Service Cloud, learn more.
Collaboration breeds satisfaction.

For too long, the “cable guy” has been saddled with a reputation for late visits and poor customer service. But the complexities in solving this issue are vast. Routing work orders, seamlessly connecting technicians and dispatchers, integrating legacy software applications, tracking customer feedback, viewing customer history and managing home certification and diagnostics tools are just some of the issues that need to be resolved. TOA Technologies was founded to solve the “cable guy” problem.

Our time-based applications identify and analyze the performance of each technician, based on the type of work assigned, skill level required and time taken to complete the task. Then, using these personal performance profiles, our exclusive predictive analytics accurately forecast arrival times and job durations.  By measuring what’s actually happening in the field as it happens, our solutions schedule and route in real-time, help ensure punctual arrivals and show dispatch a unified view of all operations. The ultimate result: significantly improved productivity.

Predictive, intelligent and customer-focused, our field service management software is a proven solution for cable and telecommunication providers:

  • 7 of the top 10 U.S. MSOs use our field service management software*
  • Our cable customers serve more than 40 million subscribers around the world
  • More than 62 million cable appointments are managed annually using our solutions
  • ETAdirect is the only application in the industry that supports both Service and Network Support technicians.

Our solutions easily integrate with existing CRM and back-office systems (including Convergys, CSG and Amdocs), and our mobile interface allows technicians to manage their routes, communicate status in real time, manage CPE truck inventory and suspend appointments.

“ETAdirect helps us to continue improving our customers’ experience and gives us the scope to improve the working day of our technicians by giving them tighter routes with less travel time. We challenged TOA to integrate into our complex IT architecture and deploy across our large user base in record time and they have clearly delivered.” – Paul Buttery, Chief Customer and Networks Officer of Virgin Media

* (Source: NCTA, March 2010)